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Other services

In addition to providing Waste Management Plans,  LID Consulting can assist with other sustainable building advice services including:

ESD reports for town planning applications

At LID Consulting we are experienced in completing successful sustainability assessments for your proposed developments that satisfy council requirements. Our reports include the various reports requested from councils:

  1. Environmentally Sustainable Design  – Sustainable Design Assessments, Sustainability Management Plans, BESS assessments
  2. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) assessments – STORM or MUSIC reports
  3. Daylight modelling for town planning submissions
  4. Sustainable Subdivisions
  5. Green Travel Plans
  6. Waste Management Plans

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ESD report by LID consulting
BCC Section J for ESD reports

NCC / BCA Section J reports

All new commercial buildings need to satisfy NCC /BCA Section J energy efficiency requirements at the design stage prior to obtaining a building permit. There are two broad options in confirming compliance with Section J requirements:

  1. Meet the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) requirements – ie meet prescribed requirements
  2. Undertake energy modelling on the building and submit an Alternative Solution to show compliance

On most occasions compliance can be achieved by meeting prescribed standards for insulation; glazing; building sealing; mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation; electric lighting levels; and energy monitoring and access to plant for maintenance. The standards differ across the country due to different climate zones, so each building needs to be assessed specifically for its location.

Where it is not easy to comply with the required performance specification in one of the above prescribed DTS requirements, computer modelling can be undertaken. This is usually a more expensive option, but if compliance can be achieved by modelling, this may end up being cheaper than replacing the originally specified element that cannot meet the DTS requirements.

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Green Star

LID Consulting has Green Star Accredited Professional and project manager experience, having previously undertaken both roles on a successful 5 star Green Star project. We can provide advice to contractors or builders on Green Star project tenders or be a key member of a consultancy team as your Accredited Professional. With solid project management experience our input is relevant and effective.

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Green star office fit out at Savills
The Savills office fit-out was a minimum budget project which achieved a 5 star green star office interiors rating.